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About Jim Clair at Performance Edge Massage

Jim Clair, Massage Therapist
North Carolina License # 5501

Jim Clair, LMT is a graduate of the Therapeutic Massage Training Institute (TMTI) here in Charlotte and thus is licensed by the State of North Carolina to practice massage therapy. TMTI is considered one of the most prestigious academic and clinical institutions in the field. The powerful combination of his outstanding education and over a decade of experience makes him one of the top Massage Therapists in the Queen City.

Jim was first drawn to massage therapy through his involvement with athletics. At an early age, he discovered that continual bodywork gave him an edge against his competition, since it kept his body in amazing condition, as well as aided in faster recovery time from injuries.

Because of his extraordinary personal journey with massage, he felt compelled to help others in the same way the therapeutic massage and sports massage had helped him and he devoted his life to it. He passionately believes that deep tissue massage and active release,joint mobilization effect the body’s systems in ways that can influence much more than just the physical, but also a comfortable and enjoyable way of life. No matter what job you have or sport you may play!

He is committed to providing the highest quality of care and working with his clients to achieve optimal health and wellness. He educates every client on what their treatments with him involve, why they are experiencing the discomfort that brought them to his table, and what they can do on their own to aid in the healing process. It does not matter if you are a professional athlete, have been in a accident, or if you have a desk job, Jim will create a therapeutic massage that provides relief by releasing the muscles and increasing the flexibility and range of motion. Specifically, with athletes he is able to get them in their best condition for their upcoming event. releasing and rehabbing through injuries .And keeping their bodies in an optimal level for performance.

Jim finds joy in the challenge each client brings with his or her different needs and desired results from massage. The open communication environment he creates allows him to listen, understand, and respond with the power of touch and knowledge that he has the potential to therapeutically change peoples lives lives.

The Philosophy at Performance Massage and Body Work

As a massage therapist, I believe in educating my clients.  When you come see me about a specific problem, I want to walk you through what is wrong, why, and how to relieve and/or prevent it from happening again. I enjoy the open communication between client and therapist during and after the massage.  I want to make sure that we are addressing your needs.  By using the different modalities of massage and bodywork, I help my clients increase their range of motion and flexibility through muscle release.  Ultimately, this leads to pain relief and a healthier way of life.

Massage Therapy plays a role in alleviating stress and anxiety, reducing muscular aches and pains, and should be incorporated as part of a health and fitness maintenance program. The power of touch has the capacity to create tremendous change at physical, mental, and energetic levels.

Together we will create a personalized, holistic, massage plan, addressing your healing needs.  This may include several types of massage techniques.  The specific massage techniques I use are Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Structural Stretching, Swedish, and Hot Stones.


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